September Chamber Luncheon

Sept Lunch Sept Luncheon









Speakers were Robin Lindberg and Matthew Stanford.
Robin Lindberg, the new general manager at the Holiday Inn Express was the first speaker at the September Luncheon. She is in her 3rd week at the Salem location. Ms. Lindberg is from Lake Zurich, IL, is married and has 2 grown sons. She has spent 30 years in corporate America and was previously employed by Discover. The Holiday Inn Express in Salem is 2 ½ years old and is doing great. The guest experience rates it 22 out of 2,300 across the nation. Paul Frederick and Larry Rogers each received a certificate for a complimentary use of the meeting room. Ryan Potterhoff was the winner of the complimentary use of a guest room. Holiday Inn Express is located at 102 Holiday Inn Lane and may be contacted at 618-740-0913.
Matthew Stanford, from Bettendorf-Stanford also spoke about his company. Bettendorf-Stanford is privately owned and is mainly known for their bread slicers, but that is only about 30% of their business. Starbucks and Sam’s Club are two of the companies that use equipment from Bettendorf-Stanford. The company began 12 years ago with 33 employees and now has approximately 120 on the payroll. Mr. Stanford stated that they are a family owned, family run business. They love their employees and want to see the relationships last a long time. They will continue to grow and invest money into the business. He predicts a good year ahead. Bettendorf Stanford is located at 1370 West Main Street and may be contacted at 618-548-3555.