Representative John Cavaletto speaks at the Chamber luncheon

Illinois State Representative John Cavaletto was the second speaker at the luncheon and he was happy to report that Illinois finally has a State Budget in place, and it’s balanced. Cavaletto spoke about the troubles in Springfield and the difficulty of getting laws and budgets approved, but also indicated he was happy a resolution had been made. Mr. Cavaletto then went on to talk about the expansion of Route 50 and the importance of this expansion for Salem. Mr. Cavaletto indicated Salem will not grow without this expansion. In addition to the expansion of Route 50 he would like to see a Bypass for Salem. The bypass would possibly be East of Tonti Road going West to 64. Right now, Salem and Lebanon are the only two local communities that are not connected to a bypass. Mr. Cavaletto indicated if we can get the bypass a lot of things can happen. Mr. Cavaletto will be speaking to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner about the expansion as well as Representatives of the Illinois Department of Illinois in the near future.

Jun Lunch