Chamber of Commerce is pleased to Welcome Dr. Dubrick
















The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to Welcome Dr. Anton Dubrick as a new member

Dr. Dubrick is an independent hometown physician who owns his practice here in Salem and will provide a stable long term base for his patients. Dr. Dubrick has 2 RN’s and a Phlebotomist working in his office and hopes to have Labs and EKG on site after January 1, 2018.
Dr. Dubrick is a fully licensed physician on site, not just a “provider”, and practices Adult General Medicine for patients over the age of 12, as well as Medicare patients and their annual wellness exams. Prices for services are based on Medicare standards. Dr. Dubricks office uses the Athena Medical Record System which makes transferring medical records much easier and No cost to patients. Dr. Durbricks patients are welcome at Salem Township Hospital for their inpatient and outpatient needs.
Dr. Dubrick has been Board Certified in Emergency Medicine but now his focus is entirely in Primary Care and estimates he has seen a minimum of 70 thousand patients over his career of more than 30 years. Dr. Dubrick graduated medical school from the University of Illinois and has a Masters Degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Health Law. Dr. Durbick also graduated from Georgetown Law School, but is no longer practicing law. During his career as a physician. Dr. Dubrick has not had any malpractice suits or state disciplinary actions.
Dr. Dubricks office is now located at 420 W. Schwartz in Salem and is open Monday-Wednesday 9-4 and Friday 9-4 Office is closed on Thursdays.

You may locate more information on Dr. Durbrick by going to the following sites: and or Contact the office at 618-740-4667